Holiday Fundraiser

Holiday fundraiser Calgary spaThis holiday season, TrueSkin Clinic wants to give back to our communities by contributing to some wonderful local non-profits.  This fundraiser will run from Tuesday, November 17th until Wednesday, December 23.  All items may be directly dropped off at our TrueSkin Clinic location, Tuesday to Friday between 10:30AM and 6:00PM. 

With each donation, your name will be entered into a draw to
win 1 of 5 $100 TrueSkin Clinic gift cards!

Calgary Humane Society


  • Gift cards to grocery stores, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Superstore, and/or pet supplies stores
  • Toys for Dogs: KONG Goodie Bones, Large KONGs, Premier biscuit block, Petsafe busy buddy chuckle, Petsafe busy buddy barnacle, Hol-ee roller balls, and feeder toys (indestructible and treat/kibble-dispensing are best toys are best)
  • Toys for Cats: fabric mice, plastic balls, knotty knots, etc. Simple toys that are easy to clean/disinfect, fit nicely into kennels, and are travel-friendly are best!
  • Toys for Rabbits/Small critters: Wooden chews and blocks, cottontail cottages, NEW bird toys that are budgie/cockatiel sized, hanging parrot toys, and rope perches of all sizes.
  • Food for Dogs: Liver bites (chicken/liver Benny Bully brand), Cheeze Wiz, wet canned foods such as Pedigee, Cesars, and Iams
  • Food for Cats: Royal Canin Diet High Energy Felin wet and/or dry food, KMR milk replacement (Pet Ag brand), wet canned foods such as Friskies Pate, Fancy Feast, and Whiskas.
  • Food for Rabbits and small critters: items from Oxbow Animal Health Products, however gift cards are best so that the Humane Society can purchase specialty food items needed for these little guys!
  • Other high-needs items: towels, flat sheets, fleece blankets (to be placed in a clear labelled bag), double-ended leashes, collars of all sizes, AA and CR2032 batteries, Ice cream pails or new 2L plastic containers WITH lids

Items to avoid bringing for the Calgary Humane Society:

  • expired or open medications
  • used animal brushes, toothbrushes, or grooming supplies
  • open pet food
  • cushions and pillows
  • fitted sheets (small animals can get easily caught in the elastic!)

The Calgary Food Bank Wish-List

  • Canned foods
    • Vegetables: Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Tomatoes
    • Fruit: Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Mixed fruit, oranges
    • Protein: Ham, turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, beans
    • Soups
  • Grains
    • Pasta
    • Boxed macaroni & cheese
    • Rice
    • Cereal
  • Pasta sauces, juice, peanut butter
  • Hygiene products like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, toilet paper, and deodorants

Items to avoid bringing for the Calgary Food Bank:

  • Expired food items
  • Bread
  • Candy and pop
  • Dented or unlabeled cans
  • Broken and/or open packages
  • Fresh or frozen fruits and/or vegetables
  • Fresh or frozen meats
  • Supplements
  • Homemade food items

Made by Momma Wish-List

  • Baby Diapers: ALL sizes (opened packages are acceptable)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby formula
  • Baby Food
  • Baby Hygiene Items: Baby wash and shampoo, diaper cream, baby lotion, kids toothbrushes, baby toothbrushes, Vitamin D Drops, Non-Fluoride toothpaste (0-12 months)
  • New and/or gently used toys, books, and clothing
  • Gift cards to essential stores (Superstore, Walmart, Safeway, etc)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Laundry pods

Items to avoid bringing for Made by Momma:

  • Previously used stuffed/plush toys
  • Expired (or expiring within 12 months) car seats
  • Household items such as kitchen items, towels, and/or small appliances
  • Soiled clothing, books, or toys

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