About Us

Representation matters, and inclusivity is what makes us thrive. At TrueSkin Clinic, we believe that everyone has the potential to feel healthy and happy in their own skin. Our team is experienced in working with different ethnic backgrounds, genders and ages, and are proud to offer you services in English, French, Russian, Turkish, Persian, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Uzbek.

Isabelle Trueskin Clinic owner in Calgary

Isabelle Ouellet

Founder and Skin Specialist

Isabelle has worked in the skin health industry for over 30 years between her hometown in Quebec City and Calgary. She has seen all corners of the industry from the East to the West and has worked for medical clinics as well as renowned cosmetic companies. Isabelle has been trained by various medical professionals and is devoted to reaching each of her client’s skin health goals. 

Inspired by the natural beauty and structure of our skin, she strongly believes in the importance of maintaining its health. In her words, “Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is the first thing you see when you meet someone; it is your envelope, and it protects you. I want my clients to feel confident, but more importantly, healthy in their own skin.”

Isabelle loves meeting new people or catching up with clients while providing an exceptional experience. It’s her goal to make her clients feel better about themselves and their skin after each visit at TrueSkin. When she is not at the Clinic, she enjoys travelling, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her fur babies. It’s also quite often you will find her in the kitchen cooking up an amazing French meal for her dear friends.

Harman Kaler

Skin Therapist & Administrative Assistant

Harman began her career in the beauty industry and has worked with over 20 cosmetic brands while becoming a certified MAC Makeup Artist. Furthering her education in the skincare industry in 2020, Harman instantly grew a passion for guiding individuals for healthy skin. She believes that great makeup starts with healthy skin and has discovered her purpose by finding fulfilment in helping people feel confident in their skin. She is also trained in Holistic Reflexology allowing her to blend both worlds of medical and holistic aesthetics. She continues to expand her scope in the beauty and business realm, sharing her knowledge as an aesthetician and makeup artist.

Anora Islomova

Skin Therapist

Anora has always been passionate about skin health. Her journey began in the pursuit of healing her own skin and experiencing different therapies. After moving to Canada, she decided to learn more about skin and began her education to become a certified medical aesthetician. Anora finds great joy in helping clients reach their skin goals. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with friends, family, and shopping. 

Stephanie Haggard

Registered Nurse

Stephanie is passionate about supporting others on their beauty and wellness journeys. Certified in both neuromodulator and dermal filler treatments, Stephanie combines years of practical nursing experience and technique with an artistic approach to her work. She contributes to TrueSkin Clinic with her attention to detail resulting in successful transformations and satisfied clients.

Stephanie Haggard - Registered nurse injectionist - botox Calgary Beltline SW