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Your skin is unique, and so is your skin care plan

Skin Care can be intimidating. There are hundreds, actually thousands of skin care products out there ranging in price. It seems that every celebrity is starting their own skin care line and there are buzz words like anti-oxidants, collagen and retinoids flying around. There are skin care products at drug stores, makeup stores, high end department stores and on TV. And we won’t even get into makeup!!! So, let’s face it, skin care can be confusing and trying a variety of products that may or may not work can also get really expensive and frustrating.

This is where TrueSkin Clinic comes in. Skin Care is what we know and love. We’ve carefully chosen Skin Care Products and have treatments that demonstrate results. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


How it Works

Step One

At TrueSkin Clinic, we customize a skin care routine just for you based on your lifestyle and what your skin needs. First, we use a Visia Complexion Analysis System to take in-depth photos of your skin. The photos will measure different aspects of your skin such as sun damage, wrinkles, pores, brown spots, texture, UV damage, redness and presence of bacteria. This will give us an overall report of your current skin condition and will be the basis for selecting your treatments and skin care products. We will work with you on creating a simple plan that will generate results and help you reach your goals.

Step Two

At TrueSkin we have over 25 different facials and peels and we also offer dermaplaning, IPL skin rejuvenation, IPL for acne, laser hair removal, ultrasound and dermafiling. Each treatment is truly customized to you and your skin care needs at the time.

The Treatments usually vary between 30 and 90 minutes and are a great way to relax or help you get your skin where you want it.

All of the products used in the treatments are Pharmaceutical Grade and contain ingredients proven to give you results!

Step Three

After your initial consultation and treatment it’s vital to maintain the health of your skin. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that the products and treatments are working for you. We can also schedule a follow-up Visia Skin Care Consultation to see how treatments and products are working for you beyond the outermost layer. Consistency and routine are extremely important in maintaining good skin health. It is our goal to get your skin healthy and we are always here to answer questions or help in any way we can.

We are proud to say that all of the Skin Care Products used at TrueSkin Clinic are
Paraben-Free and Not Tested on Animals


About Isabelle
​Owner & Advanced Skin Therapist

Isabelle Ouellet has worked in the skin health industry for over 20 years between her hometown in Quebec City and Calgary. Having seen all corners of the industry from the East to the West and having worked for medical clinics as well as renowned cosmetic companies, Isabelle has been trained to work with over 40 cosmetic brands. She has always been passionate about skin care and helping others feel good in their own skin. Inspired by the natural beauty and structure of our skin, Isabelle strongly believes in the importance of maintaining its health. In her words, “Skin is the largest organ of the body, it is the first thing you see when you see someone, it is your envelope and it protects you. I want my clients to feel confident, but more importantly, healthy in their own skin.” Isabelle absolutely loves going to work each and every day. She is extremely passionate about skincare and getting results for her clients. She loves meeting new people or catching up with clients while providing a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. It’s her goal to make her clients feel better about themselves and their skin after each and every visit at TrueSkin. When Isabelle isn’t at TrueSkin Clinic, she enjoys travelling, camping, hiking, and cooking. It’s quite often you will find her in the kitchen cooking up an amazing French meal for her dear friends.


TrueSkin Clinic is bilingual! We can serve our clients in both English and French!

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