LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy CalgaryWhat is LED light therapy?
Celluma® LED Light Therapy is an innovative FDA-cleared treatment that can reduce the signs of aging, treat acne and relieve pain. Based on NASA LED technology, LED phototherapy assists in the production of collagen and elastin, kills acne bacteria, reduces inflammation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Damaged skin, persistent acne and rosacea cases heal quicker, and it helps to even out skin tone. LED Light Therapy is a beneficial treatment for muscle tissue conditions such as arthritis, joint and muscle pain.

LED light benefits:
Anti-Aging: Skin firmness improves and fine lines and wrinkles are decreased, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
Acne treatment: Kills bacteria causing acne, reduces redness and blemishes giving you a clearer, smoother complexion
Pain management: Reduces pain and inflammation while it increases blood circulation.

How Celluma® LED light therapy works:
Celluma® emits blue, red and near-infrared light together to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Celluma® provides compromised cells with the energy to regain and restore vitality naturally. Powerful, deeply penetrating wavelengths are absorbed by photoreceptors in the cells. This boost of cellular energy leads to an increase in micro-circulation, tissue repair, and decreased inflammation and pain.

Your LED Light Treatment:
The treatment is painless, non-evasive and there is no downtime. Individuals can resume regular activity immediately after the treatment. We recommend scheduling 2-3 sessions per week for 2-3 weeks for optimal results. Options include LED therapy on its own or as an add-on to dermaplaning, facials or any other treatments.

Celluma Light Therapy has been shown to effectively treat a wide variety of skin and musculoskeletal conditions. It is FDA-cleared for wrinkles and acne as well as arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension and spasm, and is proven to decrease inflammation and increase circulation.

LED Light Therapy – Acne LED Package of 6 $300.00
LED Light Therapy – Acne LED Light Therapy $75.00
LED Light Therapy – Acne LED Treatment  Add-on $60.00
LED Light Therapy – Wrinkle  LED Package of 6 $300.00
LED Light Therapy – Wrinkle  LED Light Therapy $75.00
LED Light Therapy – Wrinkle  LED Treatment Add-on $60.00
LED Light Therapy – Pain LED Package of 6 $300.00
LED Light Therapy – Pain LED Light Therapy $75.00
LED Light Therapy – Pain LED Treatment Add-on $60.00

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