Healthy Masked Skin

skin care for masked skin Calgary2020 has been a challenging year and wearing a mask is now the new normal.

However, wearing a mask can also be harsh on our skin and cause issues like dryness, oil build-up, rashes, breakouts and much more.

Here are some tips to keep your skin happy and gorgeous while wearing a mask:

  • Keep your skin clean and make-up free underneath your mask
  • Stay hydrated! Make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day
  • Try a mid-day wash with a gentle cleanser
  • Wash reusable masks with gentle, unscented detergents
  • Stock up on reusable or disposable masks and put on a clean one every 4 hours
  • Make sure to cut the ear loops prior to disposing your mask to prevent wildlife from getting caught in the strings

TrueSkin Clinic offers a variety of treatments and products that will combat dryness and irritation to keep you loving the skin you are in!

Book an appointment online or call/text us at 403-890-9602
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