The importance of having a skin analysis consultation

Find out what is going on beneath the surface of your skin

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A major factor in the beauty of every person is the appearance of their skin, and since we are all unique individuals, we all have unique skin.

To maintain our beauty and skin health we need a proper skin care treatment plan, and to have a successful and effective plan, we should know our skin’s condition before starting any treatment. It makes sense, right?

Why is a skin consultation so important?

To give you the best advice we need to analyze your skin.  Your skin is unique, and your skin care plan should be unique too. At Trueskin Clinic, we customize a routine just for you based on your skin care needs, budget and lifestyle.  We will work together to create a simple plan that will generate results and help you reach your goals.

What happens at a skin consultation?

At your confidential skin consultation, we’ll discuss about your skin health history. You will be asked to bring in your current skin care products, so we can assess if you are using products that are effective for your skin type and concerns. Your skin is an ongoing investment and we know that it’s sometimes difficult to purchase all new products so we will try to keep as many of your current products in your new skin care routine as possible.

We will do a visual and manual inspection of the skin to observe pigmentation, hydration, texture, pore size and blemishes, and feel the smoothness and firmness of your skin.  This will help us build a picture of what you need for your specific skin needs.

What kind of equipment do we have and what does it do?computerized skin care analysis Calgary

We then take your skin analysis to the next level with our Visia technology. First, we use a Visia Complexion Analysis System to take in-depth photos of your skin. The computer will measure different aspects such as sun damage, wrinkles, pores, brown spots, texture, UV damage, redness and presence of bacteria. This will give us an overall report of your current skin condition and will be the basis for selecting your treatments and skin care products.  With this computer, we are capable to analyze both the surface of your skin and any underlying skin damage such as pigmentation and UV spots which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some skin disorders could also be detected.

This whole process only takes a few minutes and is completely pain free.  An initial Visia Skin Complexion Analysis does more than just capture the current condition of your skin; it also acts as a baseline for future evaluation, so you can see where progress has been made and where it can improve.

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